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Keya’s Journal

November 10th, 2005

Happy First Birthday!

We hosted a grand birthday party for Keya at home. Of course, first birthday parties are more for mom and dad than for the baby, so we had lots of our friends over (and some of Keya’s too). Keya wore a chaniya-choli (a gift from her Aaji) and looked like the sweetest little girl ever!

There were three birthday ceremonies. First was Chinese-style - Keya stood on two large pink “pau’ (loaves of rice) and then put on two cute little pink baby shoes. Next was Indonesian-style; Keya and Sri aunty cut a mound of Nasi Kuning (yellow rice) which was then distributed among the guests. Finally, I blew out the single candle and Keya cut the birthday cake.

The cake was a gorgeous and *low-sugar* mango cake and instead of the usual “Happy Birthday” message, this one said “Keya is Number 1″. It was her dad’s choice; we figured that this would be the only year that we would get to choose the cake, so we chose what we loved best. All the guests praised it a lot.

We also got a height chart for Keya and marked her height on it. She is almost 72 cms tall.

October 15th, 2005


Aaji (Grandma) is here and Keya is thrilled! Plus, Maushu (aunty) is going to come here soon and we that to look forward to :-) I have made a list of places to see and things to do with them. We may not be able to take Keya along everywhere (due to her early bedtime) but we are planning activities at home to make the most of their visit. Life is going to be really busy and I may not have time to make new entries.

September 27th, 2005

Cranky no more

Keya is back to her normal self now. She has been eating and drinking properly from last evening. From yesterday morning, she has been going out with Sri aunty to see me off at the bus stop and has resume her playing hour in the evening. This morning she is playing and giving smiles readily to everyone. I also waved “tata” (bye-bye) to some people and when one uncle carried her, she did not cry at all!

September 23rd, 2005

Cranky Keya

Ever since she had a fever, Keya has become rather cranky. Sri says she has become wary of strangers now (whereas earlier she used to look at people with interest and smile back if they smiled at her). She has also become quite clingly and wants to nurse non-stop. So for the past few days I am somewhat sleep-deprived. Am looking forward to catching up on my sleep this weekend.

However, this morning, when I took her out she did look around with interest. Her dad said she was very animated when she came back. Maybe she is bored of sitting in the house since Monday and wants to go out again.

September 20th, 2005

First fever

Keya is much better today. Her fever had somewhat subsided by the time I left home this morning, which was why we decided to wait and see before taking her to the doc. By afternoon her fever is almost gone, but she is a bit quieter than usual. But otherwise, she is playing and smiling. We gave her homeopathic medicine in the morning and the next dose is in the evening. We also gave her baby paracetamol. I hope that by the time I return home, she will be much better. Of course, she won’t be going downstairs to play for a couple of days till she gets 100% well.

September 15th, 2005

First cold and first taste of idli

This morning I noticed that Keya had a runny nose. We were very surprised and dismayed - this is the first time she has contracted a cold. We gave her homeopathic tablets for cold, hopefully she will get better soon.

In the photo above, she is having her first taste of idli and loving it.

August 21st, 2005


Nowadays I notice that Keya favours Sri (her nanny) more than me :-( I guess this is inevitable -

  1. I dont spend enough time with her and
  2. Sri really loves her too and takes good care of her.

I guess I should not complain; atleast the nanny does her job well and I can go to work assured that my baby is happy with her.

Yesterday after I reached home from work, I went back downstairs, where Sri and Keya were sitting by the jungle-gym. There was a small slide, a bright yellow thick-plastic tunnel and a tunnelled slide. I first zoomed Keya over the small slide, which she enjoyed. Then I asked Sri to sit at one end of the yellow tunnel and I sat at the other end. Then I placed Keya at the entrance of my side of the tunnel. At first, she was hesitant to go in. Then she looked up and saw Sri aunty’s familiar face at the other end. That enthused her so much that she kept crawling from me to Sri and back to Sri thru the tunnel several times! She was thrilled by that experience :-D familiar faces at both ends and a safe, comfortable new area to explore! She thoroughly enjoyed it.

I had been very tired that day, but the moment I saw Keya and played with her, my aches and tiredness seemed to recede. By the time I came back home with her, I was feeling much better. So, yes, babies are a balm for tired souls :-)

August 19th, 2005

Running Water…

This funny girl has started peeing at the sight of running water (even from the kitchen tap) :-) Its so difficult to get work done in the kitchen with her in our arms!

She has also started getting attracted to the kitchen shelves and the bookshelf in her room - not that she wants to read any of the books, just wants to “attack” them and throw them all over the floor. The same with any and all pots and pans she can lay her her hands on.

August 17th, 2005

Developmental Update

The first news of the week is that another baby tooth - the lower, right incisor - has also made its appearance. Both her little teeth seem to be competing for attention now!

Today we took Keya for her 9-month developmental checkup.

  • Weight : 8.4 kg (incr of 500 gm over June)
  • Height : 71 cm (which is no improvement over June, but she’s still in the 75th percentile there)
  • Head Circumference : 45.5 cm (incr of 2 cm)

    Keya also underwent a quick hearing test and other checks. Overall, the nurse was quite satisfied with her various responses.

    In this photo, she is standing beside her playgym. I recall how tiny she was compared to this playgym when we first bought it; and how she would only lie there and look up at it. Then gradually, she started reaching up to touch it. And now, she stands up holding onto it and pulls and pushes it, and breaks it into pieces! :-D

  • August 9th, 2005

    First baby tooth!

    Keya’s first baby tooth is just visible today. Her dad and I were very excited :-D It is the lower left central incisor. Keya has been drooling excessively and has red, swollen gums; poor baby! She has been chewing on every object she can lay her hands on, but she is not cranky or irritable (touch wood!)

    Keya has also learnt to wave goodbye and to clap her hands together :-) We have started teaching her baby signs (more, milk, potty etc). Already she verbalizes her need to go potty. We hope that she can start communicating all her needs to us soon.

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